PackageGO has launched!

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Buy from the USA & ship to abroad.

Greetings world, we have finally arrived. We are PackageGO and we are here to assist you with your package forwarding needs. Whether it’s a small package or a freight shipment, we can offer you a shipping option that is both reliable and affordable.

The idea of PackageGO arose when we our family members living abroad would do their online shopping using our home and office address for their package deliveries. We thought, wouldn’t it be great if we could offer a service where we can receive everyone’s packages and forward it to them at a low and affordable cost?

Our mission at PackageGO is simple, receive and process your package deliveries at a cost that is not going to break the bank. We charge minimal handling fees and will forward your packages to you from the US to any country worldwide.

PackageGO is offering a free US mailing address, yes, you read that right. We will receive your packages, bundle them and then forward to you using any of the international carriers. This includes customs form processing and shipment tracking door to door.

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