How it works

We will receive your packages and then forward them to you.

Step 1

Sign up and get a
Free US Address

We provide a secure and discreet address to receive your package deliveries.

Step 2

Buy your products and ship
to us for storage

Buy from any online US retailer or manufacturer and ship to us for storage.

Step 3

Combine your packages
and save on shipping

At your request, we can consolidate your packages and prepare for shipment.



Buy your products online

Buy your products from any online retailer and provide them with our shipping address. Some retailers have restrictions, so double check before you place your order.


We will receive your packages

We will receive your packages, scan the front of the package label and then upload to your online account. You will then get an email notification and will see a list of the packages that we have in our facility.


We will ship directly to you

Once you have received all of your packages, we can ship them directly to you. You can ship your packages individually or you can consolidate them into a single package to save on shipping.

Buy from the USA and ship worldwide.

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