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Our guide for shipping products internationally.

What to know when shipping from the US



We are always available to answer any questions you have about what can and cannot be shipped.

Customs Declaration

Customs Declaration

We will complete your customs declaration and include a packing slip with every shipment.

Shipment Audits

Shipment Audits

We will monitor your shipment deliveries and alert you if we find any broken or prohibited items.

Average delivery time
Average delivery time

Average delivery time

  • Express shipping: 3 to 4 business days
  • Economy shipping: 5 to 10 business days
  • Freight shipping: 15 to 30 business days
Duties & Taxes
Duties & Taxes

Duties & Taxes

  • Depending on what you purchase, your country’s customs authority may determine that you owe a tax. Nearly every shipment that crosses an international border is subject to a customs and duties tax. Each country’s assessment is done differently. 
  • Customs officials will use the declared value of an item to determine duties and taxes. We will ensure that we provide an accurate value along with a packaging slip and invoice if you have one. 
  • Duties and taxes are charged to you separately from our fees.
Free imports
Free imports

Free imports

  • Some products and documents fall under a certain value and may not be subject to a duty or tax and clearance procedures are minimal. If you are importing a shipment that falls below this value, you may not be subject to a duty or tax. 
  • We would recommend that you read through your country’s customs rules before you decide to ship a product, this will help you to avoid unforeseen taxes and delays.  
Prohibited items
Prohibited items

Prohibited items

The following items are not acceptable by most international carriers. Other restrictions may apply depending on your shipment destination. Regulatory clearances in addition to Customs clearance may be required for certain commodities, which may extend the transit time.

    1. Alcoholic beverages (e.g., beer, wine, spirits).
    2. Bullion.
    3. Human corpses, human organs or body parts, human and animal embryos, or cremated or disinterred human remains.
    4. Explosives and incendiary devices. Firearms, weaponry, and their parts or ammunition.
    5. Perishable foodstuffs and foods/beverages requiring refrigeration or other environmental control.
    6. Live animals, eggs, larva, live insects, live spiders.
    7. Ivory and endangered animals.
    8. Plants and plant material, including cut flowers.
    9. Cigarettes (including roll-your-own tobacco) and smokeless tobacco products, as defined by applicable Postal Service regulations for domestic or international mail.
    10. Lottery tickets and gambling devices where prohibited by local, state, provincial, or national law.
    11. Money (coins, cash, currency, paper money and negotiable instruments equivalent to cash such as endorsed stocks, bonds and cash letters).
    12. Pornographic and/or obscene material.
    13. Hazardous waste, including, but not limited to, used hypodermic needles or syringes or other medical waste.
    14. Shipments that may cause damage to, or delay of, equipment, personnel, or other shipments.
    15. Shipments that require us to obtain any special license or permit for transportation, importation or exportation.
    16. Shipments or commodities whose carriage, importation or exportation is prohibited by any law, statue or regulation.
    17. hipments with a declared value for customs in excess of that permitted for a specific destination.
    18. Dangerous goods, hazardous goods or combustible materials as defined by International Air Transport Association, or by applicable Postal Service regulations for domestic or international mail, including but not limited to:
    19. Asbestos.
    20. Category A infectious substances.
    21. Compressed gases, including those that are flammable or those that are nonflammable with an absolute pressure exceeding 40 psi at 70ºF or 104 psi at 130º F.
    22. Corrosives (liquid or solid).
    23. Dry ice (carbon dioxide solid).
    24. Flammable materials, including pyrophoric, flammable, or combustible liquids with a closed cup flash point below 200º F; or flammable solids, including matches.
    25. Magnetized material with a magnetic field strength of .002 gauss or more at a distance of 7 feet.
    26. Poisons, irritants, or controlled substances.
    27. Oxidizers.
    28. Lithium Batteries
    29. Processed or unprocessed dead animals, including insects and pets.
    30. Drugs/narcotics (illegal) or drug paraphernalia.
    31. Packages that are wet, leaking, or emit an odor of any kind.
    32. Wildlife products that require U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service export clearance prior to exportation from the U.S.

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